Stop Number two

We’re on an adventure to find you some of the best Aussie food around!

Head North on Hardware Lane, and turn right onto Lonsdale Street. Go past the Emporium and Melbourne Central, and pop down Drewery Lane for a sneak peak of the iconic Kimmy K murial.

Back on Lonsdale Street, cut through Tattersalls Lane where tunes are always pumping onto Little Bourke Street and make your way left through Chinatown.

For more laneway art check out Croft Alley along the way. Make sure to take a fun pose in front of Her Majesty Theatre to live out your performance dreams! Once you’ve hit Little Bourke Place and Amphlett Lane you will find Mrs. Parmas!


To start you will receive Tasmanian Salmon pancakes followed by some classic parmas to share!



We cannot pinpoint exactly where it all started for the Parma/Parmi/Parmo, as it’s been palmed off countless times. Although, if it did start in Italy, it would’ve began as an Eggplant. The “Parmigiana” is a traditional Italian dish that consists of sliced eggplant that is layered in cheese and covered in a tomato based sauce. Also, introduction of the chicken as the bed of the parma is rumoured to have started in America. Now you’re a Parma professional!

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