AmazingCo are on a mission to help you live a more fulfilling life.


We’ve seen the positive impact of time well spent with friends, family and colleagues over our journey, and today we consciously focus our entire business on making it happen. 

AmazingCo helps you discover meaningful experiences for everyday activities and special occasions designed to help you connect more and spend your time better.

We don’t overload you with options and ideas, we carefully create and deliver experiences designed with something meaningful in mind.

Whether that is connection between friends, family or with a partner, or for personal fulfilment, all while experiencing something unique, new and fun.

Our mission is to maximise the quality of one’s life experiences, because we believe a persons life is the sum of their experiences. 

Are you making your experiences count?

Discover your next experience.



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Founded in Melbourne, Australia.
The world's most liveable city - 5 years running ♥