Final Stop :)

How’d you go with the rebus puzzle?

Gazelle - Elle + i = GAZI

Walk south on Russell St towards Lt Collins St

Make a left onto Flinders Ln

Then, make a right onto Exhibition St.

On your left hand side you will find GAZI Restaurant.


Here you will receive a sweet treat to celebrate a great day!


GAZI - Authentic Greek Cuisine

GAZI is known for its Authentic Greek Cuisine. It's what they do best!

They pride themselves on giving their guests the most exciting, authentic Greek street food experience in Melbourne. Every night at GAZI definitely feels like a celebration!

Game: Degrees of Separation

One person picks two things that are unrelated. The other person has to provide a chain of plausible associations to connect them. For example, if you say "lion and slippers," I might say, "A lion hunts warthogs. Warthogs are pigs. Pigs in a blanket is a breakfast entree. A blanket goes on a bed. When I get out of bed, I put on my slippers."


Melbourne is the home to the largest Greek population outside of Greece?The first Greeks to ever travel to Australia were supposedly seven sailors convicted of piracy by the British naval court. Like so many other convicts, they were transported to Australia in the early 19th century.

After that, the first Greek migration boom came in the Gold Rush — the 1901 census recorded 878 people born in Greece.

The first Greek-language newspaper was issued in 1913, but three years later, Australia prohibited Greeks and the Maltese from entering the country for fear they’d take Australian soldiers’ jobs.

In 1920, Australia relaxed the law a little, allowing only 100 non-British immigrants to come to Australia each month.

This Concludes The Formal Part Of Your Modern Australian Food Experience.

We hope it has been fun! If you want to stay in the area, we’ve included some suggestions for things to see and do on the next page.


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