More to see and do.

Looking for fun?

If you head back into the city - make your way over the bridge onto Swanson Street, then right onto Bourke Street you will find Nitro Lab on your left offering a delicious range of liquid nitrogen gelato! Upstairs from Nitro is Heroes - a rooftop bar and karaoke club! You might also enjoy B. Lucky & Sons - from the creators of Holey Moley - located on Level 3, Melbourne Central. It’s a mash-up of pawnshop, cocktails, and arcade games! FM Karaoke Bar is also great - offering free karaoke rooms from 6pm, or private rooms for hire.

Laneway bars more your thing?

If so, head back over the bridge - Eau De Vie is down Malthouse Lane and if the street light above the door is on, they’re open for fabulous cocktails! Trinket is another classic - located on 87 Flinders Lane - walk through a wardrobe to discover the hidden bar within the bar! Beneath Diver Lane, 3 Driver Lane - is an elegantly designed hidden CBD gem behind H&M. Or maybe try Whitehart down Whitehart Lane - an urban oasis laneway shipping container bar meets rooftop…

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