On our way to the Squire!

Walk north-east on Flinders St towards Russell St

Make a left onto Russell St

Keep going past Collins St

Look out for the corner of Russell & Lt Collins St

Make your way into the only working microbrewery in Melbourne’s CBD, The Crafty Squire!

This microbrewery is home to the famous James Squire Brewhouse. Crisp beer, light beer, lagers, specialty hand crafted beers, they have it all!


Here you will indulge in a tasting of hand crafted beers & a small plate to share. You’ll also get a tour of the microbrewery!

This is the perfect place to ask all of the questions you want to know about the process of brewing beer.



Craft beer is good for your bones!

Beer has high levels of silicon, which promotes strong bones. So go ahead - get more beer in your belly!

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