Let’s head to the Square!

To begin your day make your way to Beer Deluxe - one of Melbourne's most popular spots for a cold one!

Beer Deluxe has over 150 beers in their fridges, plus rotating taps with the best craft beers from all over the world. We think it’s safe to say that they definitely love their beer!

Head to the Atrium section of Beer Deluxe through to the bar and they’ll take great care of you.


Here you will receive a beer paddle with 4 different kinds of craft beers to share.


Learn from the experts!

Ask about the brewing process, where the beer comes from and the difference between the four. You’ll be on your way to become a beer expert in no time!

Want to try something extra?  

Ask the amazing staff about their savoury food pairings, or maybe indulge try some of their delicious entrees! Might be good to get something in our stomachs ;)


23,082,955,291 litres of beer were made just last year!

The $105.9 billion beer market last year sold 196,701,792 barrels of beer. And as each barrel contains about 117.35 litres of beer, or 31 gallons, that adds up to over 23 billion litres!

Now, that’s a lot of beer..

Game: Fortunately, Unfortunately...


This is a storytelling game that where one person starts a story and you alternate between inventing good and bad luck situations. It works really well if you’ve recently experienced something frustrating and can create a funny story about what could have actually happened!

1. The first person comes up with the premise. “Once there were two identical twins who could always hear each other’s thoughts.”

2. Person two adds with a turn-for-the-worse plot twist. “Unfortunately, one day, one of them got Frank Walker’s National Tiles radio ad stuck in his head.”

3. Person three takes the story on a turn for the better. “Fortunately, …” (we can’t actually think of any positives for this scenario but you might be more creative!)


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