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Tradition at its finest!

 Make your way back to Russell St and keep heading north towards Bourke St

Make a right on Bourke St

Keep an eye out for another small laneway, Market Ln.

Make a left on Market Lane, and on your right you’ll find the heart of Bavaria

Yes, that’s right - we might physically be in the heart of Melbourne CBD, but Hofbräuhaus will make you feel like you have teleported to Germany!

This Bavarian beer hall has been in the same spot since 1968 and everybody around knows that this is the place in town to have a mighty great time. They pride themselves on serving the best boutique Bavarian produce, both in food and in drinks! As you will see, they are passionate about tradition, and they have handpicked pure ‘Biers’ from the finest breweries in Bavaria.


Here you will be tasting 4 classic Bavarian beers, paired with traditional Bavarian sausages. It really is a truly Bavarian experience!



In medieval Europe, the average person drank 220-250 litres of beer a year! As it had undergone fermentation, it was actually cleaner and safer to drink than the water at that time.

Hmmm, what should be our excuse? 🤔

Game: Two Truths and a Lie

One person makes three statements, two true and one false, and the other person have to guess the false one. This is especially challenging if you know each other well!

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