To begin your journey find this sign below.


“You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose!”

Or in this case… any direction WE Choose!

Paying particular attention to this part of the sign, crack the code below and save it for later use. We promise you’ll need it during your journey!



R1, W2, L9   |    R2, W7, L2   |   R5, W3, L4  | R6, W2, L3

R9, W1, L2  | R10, W3, L2  | R16, W1, L2

R16, W3, L7 | R1, W5, L4


Once you have cracked the code head right where you will find a sign directing you to THE FALLS! Push through that gate and let the adventure begin.

Did You Know?

This walk will take you through the forest containing the tallest flowering hardwood in the world, the Mountain Ash (Eucalytus regnans) with an understorey of a variety of fern species. Thats right! IN THE WORLD! The Sherbrooke area provides habitat for the Suburb Lyrebird which can often be seen or heard within the forest.

The Mountain Ash forests provide the perfect habitat for wildlife such as Wombats, Swamp Wallabies, Long-tailed and Brush-tailed Possums. Tree creepers, small birds that cling to the side of trees looking for a meal of grubs and insects can be seen foraging amongst the tree trunks. The beautiful and elusive Blu-winged Parrot has also been sighted in the Sherbrooke Forest.


Click on the next clue once you find yourself at a fork in the road and your decision making is put to the test!


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