Ready to head towards your picnic location?

Head left onto Sherbrooke Lodge Road.

Where you will find one of the most beautiful Memorial Gardens around! The Alfred Nicholas Gardens is just a short walk away.

Did You Know?

Alfred Nicholas and his brother George developed the Aspro painkiller formula, becoming the first person to officially patent the formula after it was lost from general use after the First World War. He purchased the land in 1929 and proceeded to purchase subsequent land around it, extending the size of the property to 13 acres. The Burnham Beeches Estate is an Art Deco masterpiece, designed for Nicholas in the early thirties, and is somewhat likened to the lines of an ocean liner.

A variety of native birds may be seen in the gardens including king parrots and colourful rosellas. There are ducks in the lake and kookaburras can often be heard in the treetops. There is a blend of native and exotic trees including mountain ash, ginkgoes, maples and liquid ambers.

Make your way down to the Lake where you will find small islands connected by small bridges. Once you’ve made it to the lake, you’re ready for your final clue!


The final clue :)


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