Take a stroll

But first, photo time! 📸

In front of the boatshed there is an absolutely stunning view of the lake.

Find a kind stranger to take a pic of you both starting the day (or snap a selfie if that’s more your thing!)

Now we stroll..

Starting from the front of the boatshed, head right along the boardwalk towards the island in the middle of the lake.

Make your way past the Yacht Club and the Sea Scouts and keep an eye out for another great Kodak moment on the corner of the Old Point restaurant.

Keep on heading around the corner and keep a look out for the local residents showing off their feathers! The Albert Park swans are celebrities in these neck of the woods (or lakes!).

How many Swans do you spot?



Albert Park Yacht Club was the first yacht house built in Australia, and is dated all the way back to 1871.


Row row row your boat!

Keep walking down until you hit the Albert Park South Melbourne Rowing Club!

The Albert Park Rowing Club was founded on 26th January, 1875. After a huge win in 1876, this rowing club that you are standing right in front of became on of the most celebrated before the first World War!

If any of those three docks are free, head on out for some more great snaps!


Rowing is one of the original sports in the modern Olympic Games and Australia has a long, successful history in the sport. So far Aussies have won 10 gold, 13 silver and 14 bronze Olympic medals!


Fancy a little break to take in the view?

Keep going towards the Coot picnic area and playground. Have a rest on one of the benches, or bring out your inner child and have a go on the swing!

Rested and ready to keep walking?



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