Good Morning.

Today you’ll be exploring Melbourne’s inner city oasis, Albert Park, on a Surprise Lake Date for two!

The instructions on the following pages will guide you on a serene walk through one of Melbourne’s favourite places to relax, run, ride and sail. Your walk will lead you to the perfect picnic location. We have also added in some activities to do around the area if you have some extra time after your lake date adventure!

There are some great locations along the way where you’ll be able to snap some insta-worthy pics, so we’ve made sure to include some information about where to stop and make the most of your environment. Make sure to also check out the fun games and conversation starters, for a truly amazing date experience.

Remember :)

Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures, and feel free to explore other areas of interest along the way.

The day is meant to be a nice escape from everyone else and focus on each other, but if you need some help, or if you have questions about your adventure, feel free to message or call us on 0412 239 222.

Your starting location 🏁

We are starting the journey from The Boatshed Cafe - known for its great coffee and incredible views! We recommend trying out some coffee or indulging in some delicious fresh juices to get you on your way. 

Aside from their tasty treats, The Boatshed Cafe plays a huge role in keeping the Yachting community alive. They host over 4,000 sailors each season. All aboard… walking time!


The phrase “footloose” comes from the name of the bottom of a sail – the foot – which must be attached to the boom.

If it is not properly attached it may become “footloose”, causing the vessel not to sail properly. Footloose have come to mean someone acting without commitment.

So what came first… the sailing or Kevin Bacon?!


Ready To Get Walking?



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