To begin your day make your way to Boilermaker House - One of Melbourne's most ICONIC Whisky spots!

Head on through to the bar and get ready to see one of the best Whisky Collections around! With over 900 whiskies and an ever rotating tap list, the possibilities are endless!


Here you will be getting the popular “Boilermaker”

A Boilermaker is a pairing of beer and whisky to create a drinking experience that is out of this world!


Want to try something extra?  

Ask the amazing staff about their very savoury food pairings and indulge yourself in some of their famous cheese boards or tasty bars snacks! We’d especially recommend this if you haven’t had lunch yet - probably not a bad thing to get something in our stomachs ;)

Game: Fortunately, Unfortunately...


This is a storytelling game that where one person starts a story and you alternate between inventing good and bad luck situations. It works really well if you’ve recently experienced something frustrating and can create a funny story about what could have actually happened!

1. The first person comes up with the premise. “Once there were two identical twins who could always hear each other’s thoughts.”

2. Person two adds with a turn-for-the-worse plot twist. “Unfortunately, one day, one of them got Frank Walker’s National Tiles radio ad stuck in his head.”

3. Person three takes the story on a turn for the better. “Fortunately, …” (we can’t actually think of any positives for this scenario but you might be more creative!)


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