More to see and do.

More bars and nibbles

If you’ve worked up an appetite by now, European Beer Cafe and Elephant and Wheelbarrow are not far off and are sure to satisfy with quick and hearty bar food!

There is also the famous Cookie Rooftop and Cinema which is on Swanston Street if you are looking to finish off your night with a great view!

Other fun activities

Bowling, Movies, Karaoke and so much more! We recommend heading to Melbourne Central if you are looking for some late night activities to work off your Distillery Indulgence!

Then again, the world is your oyster in Melbourne. Make a right turn, a left turn or just turn around and we are sure you will find something hidden, underground and OH SO VERY MELBOURNE!

For example, head to Chinatown if you’d like to visit one of Melbourne’s other hidden cocktail bars, The Croft Institute. This bar has been decorated like a science lab, and they serve some of their shots in syringes!

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