Around the Bend.

Take a stroll on Pilington Parade and make your way around the bend. Make sure to keep a lookout for all of the amazing flowers that are on display. George Tindale Gardens is known for having plants that are  rarely found in cultivation, which thrive in the cool temperate climate and shaded conditions found in the Dandenong Ranges.

Did You Know?

This garden was originally called Pallants hill when George Tindale first took his first steps on this iconic land . Little did he know that his favourite spot would soon be named in his honor! George was an agricultural Scientist and horticulturist known for his passion in ornamental horticulture. He spent most of his retirement in this very garden taking care of the grounds and making this the treasure it is today!

Find yourself at a fork in the road?

Let’s step back into an old children's classic! This very popular song will help make the decision to go left or fight!


They're two they're four they're six and eight
Shunting trucks and hauling freight
red and green and brown and blue
they're the really useful crew
All with different roles to play
Round tidmouth shed or far away
Down the hills and round the bends

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