Find the place to rest your head.

You’re nearing the end of your action packed day
Find your accommodation so you can hit the hay!

You’re booked in at the garden filled and tranquil

Pigeon Bank Country Cottage

Perfect to escape the rest of the world and have a relaxing night in! Head to the address below and look for the white picket fence!

 450 Kangaroo Ground-Warrandyte Road
Kangaroo Ground, VIC 3097

Please keep in mind that check out is at 10:00 am - perfect to enjoy a full day of fun!


Instructions for when you arrive

Reach behind the ‘beware of the dog’ sign, there will be remote control for you, press the button! Make sure to close the gate behind you- you can’t leave the gates open in case the wandering alpacas decide to roam.

Follow the driveway all the way down to the cottage!

Your entry code for the cottage is 2603. To display the keypad place your palm on the lock screen, then press the code followed by the unlock symbol. The lock will sound, and you can then turn the release knob. Simultaneously you need to turn the lower door handle and push the door.

We hope you have a great night and enjoy that blissful nature!

For any questions, contact your friendly host Jacqui at  0419 013 030.

Dinner plans?

We suggest heading to Fondata 1872 or Massaros so you can finish your day right with a much needed bite!

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