Already Peacocking?

Head out on Little Bourke Street towards Exhibition Street

On your way down, take note of the amazing Dumplings at Empress of China and and fantastic Pho at Pho A Papa - perfect if you’re hungry after a few cocktails today.

Keep heading down Little Bourke street and look out for the tiny laneway Corrs Lane. Fad Gallery, which is known for delicious drinks and some great artwork is down towards the end. We won’t be checking that out today but this is a MUST see on another day! And by “another day” we mean TONIGHT!

Continue on Little Bourke Street until you reach Tattersalls Lane.

Make a Right and check out one of Melbourne’s most iconic Laneways. Hear the music? That awesome sound you hear is the hidden outdoor bar Section 8! They have a basketball hoop, pallet seats and some great music… so very Melbourne.

Come out of the laneway and as soon as you turn RIGHT onto Lonsdale Street you will see the beautiful wooden doors of The Emerald Peacock.


Head up the stairs and make your way to the bar. Make sure to take in the colourful decor of the space and of course the view from the Rooftop!

Let the bartender know your name and that you are here for an AmazingCo Distillery Walk.


Here you will be receiving two of their signature cocktails to share. The Peacocking and the Thriller in Vanilla are a definite favourite and a must try if coming to the Emerald Peacock!


Game: Degrees of Separation

One person picks two things that are unrelated. The other person has to provide a chain of plausible associations to connect them. For example, if you say "lion and slippers," I might say, "A lion hunts warthogs. Warthogs are pigs. Pigs in a blanket is a breakfast entree. A blanket goes on a bed. When I get out of bed, I put on my slippers."

Maybe (definitely) you can come up with a better one than this.

Ready To Move On?


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