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Photo Experiences for Couples

We’ve reimagined what it means for couples to engage in photo shoot sessions and we’re breaking all the rules in the process!

This is about creating an experience you’ll truly enjoy and bond over… and of course receive utterly stunning photos at the end of all the fun.

Give us a call on 1300 307 750 today.

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It’s all about You and your love 📷 ❤️

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We are all about capturing your love, your personalities and your story.

Gone are the days of posing and standing still in front of a camera. Our experiences are full of fun and adventure, laughter and connection with the one you love most.

Think of this more as a date night than a stuffy old photo shoot. Because it actually IS a date night!

Straight after your photo shoot, while you’re looking and feeling your best, we’re going to send you out for a wonderful evening of food and drink!


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Inclusions you’ll love

We’ve got a number of different photo shoot styles to choose from, and they all include all of the following;

  • 2-3 hour experience with professionals guiding the full session

  • Come to our studio or we’ll come to your location
    (home or outdoors!)

  • Styling Consultation to design your photoshoot

  • Professional Hair and Makeup

  • Private online gallery  

  • Digital images included with options to purchase extras


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Other happy Lovebirds 🕊️💋

What a fantastic afternoon!

Shout out to Teo for capturing wonderful natural reactions that aren’t cookie cutter poses, but rather look and feel like us, thank you!
— Sandra, August 2018

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Amazing Couples Photo Experiences

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Ready to Capture your love?

We’re here to help you capture those amazing moments that makes your love unique.

Give us a call on 1300 307 750 today, pick your photo experience above and book online, or complete the enquiry form and we’ll be in touch.