You’re Heading To Paramoor Winery

Fun fact:

This special boutique Winery is run by Will and Kathy who are very passionate about wine! So passionate that they built their house right on this property. Will and Kathy took over this original horse stable flooded with amazing artefacts that date back to the 1800’s and transformed it into an award winning winery that produces more than 1,500 cases of wine a year!

Don’t Forget!

Drop Off Your Picnic Basket And Ice Pack To Ruby Goose Foods by 4:30pm

No worries if you cannot make it in time. The First Entrance door at Ruby goose will be left unlocked for you. Please tuck the basket in the small hallway to protect it from the rain!

40 High St,
Trentham VIC 3458

(Google Maps Link)

When you are ready to go to your accommodation click below for instructions on how to get there.


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