Good Morning.

Today you’ll be exploring the Dandenong Ranges on a wonderful mystery picnic adventure with your puppy!

The clues will take you through Olinda, Sassafrass, and Kallista to meet a range of local producers and pick up some key ingredients for your picnic. You will end up at a perfect picnic spot with some walking trails and suggested activities nearby.

There are 5 stops before you reach your picnic destination - one of them is a lookout, and the other 4 include collecting a food item. We start the day with a walk then you'll collect your picnic hamper once you solve Clue Two. Including driving time it will likely be about 3 hours before you reach your final destination so feel free to make other stops along the way and snack if needed!



Upon arrival at the shops and cellar doors, let them know your name, and that you are on your AmazingCo Mystery Picnic Date so that you can collect your item.


The day is meant to be fun, and a little challenging, but not stressful! Give the clues your best shot but if you get stuck or lost please just text us on 0412 239 222 and we can give you some help. All the clues are designed to be solvable using Google if needed - so if you type a few key words from the clue into the search engine it will help you on your way!

Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures, and feel free to explore other areas of interest along the way.

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