Jambon and Brie, plus Cheddar -

Near to where you parked the car, you’ll find the sign below
Crack the code we’ve made for you to show you where to go!

Down towards Olinda, you’re in for a treat
Sample and collect some cheeses and meat!

(Crack the code using the paragraph in the image below to reveal the name of your next destination)

_  _ _

R1, W8, L6   |   R11, W5, L4   |   R3, W1, L5

_  _ _  _

R6, W3, L8   | R5, W4, L1    | R13, W1, L2 |   R9, W2, L5

_  _ _  _ _ _  _

R17, W3, L1  | R16, W2, L4  | R2, W9, L3 |  R4, W6, L5 | R4, W6, L5  | R7, W1, L8 | R10, W6, L6


At this stop you will be collecting your basket and some additional goodies.

Need Help?

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Think Row, Word, Letter!

When you are finished, click below to check your solution.


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