Contrary to the popular wisdom of TLC, waterfalls are in fact great things to chase.

Head through Kalorama down C415
Towards Olinda Falls - a nice scenic drive

Start at the picnic ground and explore Falls Track
See the view platforms and make your way back

It just takes 10 minutes, the stop is quite quick
But perfect for getting that instagram pic!

If you can spare the time - which we recommend
The Cascade Track adds 30 minutes at the end!


Further information about the area to start your exploring.

This short downhill walk begins at the Olinda Falls Picnic Ground towards a junction, where you have the option of visiting the upper or lower falls viewing platforms. Check out both, but if you only want to do one - we recommend the lower. You can also choose to opt to continue onto the  Cascade Track, this will roughly be an additional 30 minutes.

Near Olinda Falls, you will also see a number of roadside stalls selling fresh produce, some home-made preserves, chestnuts, eggs, flowers and plants. Once you start touring the area, you may see some of the most popular Australian wildlife species; including emus, wombats, possums, lyrebirds, king parrots and rosellas.

Nearby Gardens include the National Rhododendron Gardens, Piriand Gardens, and William Ricketts Sanctuary. Here you will find azaleas, rhododendrons, daffodils and camellias.

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Start your day with a scenic walk in Olinda Reserve, and move onto your next clue when you're ready to start your picnic adventure!


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