You’re Heading To Little Creek Cheese


Little Creek Cheese is located within the Old Wyong Milk Factory, along Alison Road in Wyong.

Here you’ll get to taste some fantastic cheeses before taking your pick on which you’d like to take along for your picnic. Little Creek Cheese stock 12 flavours of Club Cheddar alone! Some unusual flavours to keep an eye out for are Fig & Walnut, Seaweed & Wasabi, and even Gin.

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How did Little Creek Cheese get its name?

“Spending weeks throwing names around on what might be suitable for our company we still hadn’t come up with anything we both liked. One super rainy day while Russell was in the kitchen and I was in another room, I hear Russell call out 'Little Creek'. I came into the kitchen and said that’s a perfect name. Russell wasn’t sure what I was talking about as he wanted to show me that the little creek that runs through our yard was flowing again as there had been so much rain. I said I thought he was talking about a name for the company and when we talked about it we both loved it.”

~ Sue Parsons

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