You’re Heading To Leura Cellars

On your way there, we recommend you make a detour to the Horseshoe Falls in Hazelbrook.

If you’ve been an early riser and you’ve got lots of time up your sleeve we recommend you give it a go. It’ll be roughly 1 hour return. You can park on the side of the road before commencing on Oaklands Rd.

Within this area there are a number of falls you can visit within a small distance of one another, each offering something completely different. The three main waterfalls are Horseshoe falls, Oaklands falls and Burgess falls.


More to Explore.

If you would like to explore Wentworth Falls further: 

The White Room is just around the corner with some fantastic homewares, selling up-cycles and painted small furniture as well as locally made gifts and souvenirs!

Or drop into It’s The Little Things - locally crafted and hand picked designer gifts, homewares, jewellery and clothing.

When you are ready to continue, proceed to the next clue.


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