You’re Heading To Hominy Bakery


Fun fact: Katoomba comes from the Aboriginal word 'Kedumba' meaning 'shiny, falling waters' after the natural beauty of the Blue Mountains area.

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More to Explore.

If you would like to explore Katoomba further:

Head down Ha'Penny Lane and pop into the Co-Op to support the local produce store and it’s Big Little Shop that stocks heaps of environmentally friendly personal care, cleaning, kitchen and gardening products.

The Yellow Deli is quaint cafe “serving the fruit of the Spirit” and well worth a visit or drive-by.

Fun fact: it’s run by a cult that was founded in the United States. Regrettably it’s only open on Fridays and Sundays, but even if you don’t get to go in for a visit, have a read of the history.
Learn more about the history here. It’s really fascinating!

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