New on the scene and sure to please!

Stay on Victoria Street and make your way towards Church Street. 

The next stop is just a few shops past Williams Street on the right hand side. 

Co Do is one of Victoria street’s busiest restaurants on the strip. Co do is popular for its AMAZING Pho which is a key staple in Vietnamese Cuisine!

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You can never really have enough of a staple food, right? So, here you will get TWO - YES TWO - types of Pho to share!



Pho was born in Northern Vietnam during the mid-1880s. The dish was heavily influenced by both Chinese and French cooking. Rice noodles and spices were imported from China, and the French popularized the eating of red meat in Vietnam. In fact, it is believed that “ph?” is derived from “pot au feu” a French soup.

Vietnamese cooks blended the Chinese, French and native influences to create the dish that is so uniquely Vietnamese today. How cool!

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