Something Same, But Different!

Keep heading East on Victoria Street, towards Church Street, and walk that Pho off!

You won’t miss the famous joint Co Thu Quan, which is located on the same side of the street as the previous stop. Co Thu Quan is known for its traditionally prepared Vietnamese dishes, and of course for the beautiful and leafy restaurant!


So you wanted a traditional Vietnamese meal right? Well here we go!

You will get traditional Vietnamese hot crepes, with a beautiful papaya salad with beef Jerky AND Co Thu Quan’s FAMOUS Salted Hog Plum Juice! 



The eastern stretch of Victoria Street (between Hoddle and Burnley Streets) is known colloquially as 'Little Saigon' or 'Little Vietnam'. This is due to the influx of migrants to the surrounding area following the Vietnam War, and the subsequent development of Vietnamese businesses during the 1980s.

This stretch of Victoria Street has become famous as an Asian grocery and restaurant precinct, now with Japanese, Korean and Thai options alongside the longer-standing Vietnamese establishments.

Game: Two Truths and a Lie

One person makes three statements, two true and one false, and the other person have to guess the false one. This is especially challenging if you know each other well!

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