Hidden Classic

What better start to your tour than one of the most popular spots on Victoria Street!  Now, as you might be aware the best Vietnamese restaurants are not ones found online so we are excited for you to see what these hidden gems have to offer!

To begin your adventure make your way to Pho Hung Vuong which can be found at the top end of Victoria Street before the big Hoddle street intersection. Thaos Kitchen is known for its classic home made flavours and friendly staff!


You will be given some classic Vietnamese starters to kick start your adventure!



There is no preferred meat in Vietnam.Instead, all beef, pork, chicken, fish and various kinds of seafood are used in almost almost all dishes. The most favorite dish for family events is Spring Rolls. Vietnamese spring rolls are made with rice flour, meat,veggie, eggs, pepper and seasoning and are very light on the palate which is why we thought they were a perfect start to your night!

Game: Fortunately, Unfortunately...


This is a storytelling game that where one person starts a story and you alternate between inventing good and bad luck situations. It works really well if you’ve recently experienced something frustrating and can create a funny story about what could have actually happened!

1. The first person comes up with the premise. “Once there were two identical twins who could always hear each other’s thoughts.”

2. Person two adds with a turn-for-the-worse plot twist. “Unfortunately, one day, one of them got Frank Walker’s National Tiles radio ad stuck in his head.”

3. Person three takes the story on a turn for the better. “Fortunately, …” (we can’t actually think of any positives for this scenario but you might be more creative!)


Before you move on -You will find Huong Huong Bakery on the way which has been open for over 3 decades. It is run by husband and wife team who are always warm and welcoming. They have freshly made buns and are great to have a look at on your next visit to Victoria Street!

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