A different kind of bar
- take me to the sea!

Double back and make way South - down along Church Street
(Or jump on the number 78 tram - if you need to rest your feet)

Just past Swan Street you can’t miss Richmond Oyster Bar on your left. Renowned for offering some of the finest local seafood in Australia, all the produce if sourced fresh daily with everything shucked and filleted in store seven days a week!


You have a choice here! You can share a plate of salt and pepper calamari, or choose 3 oysters each.

The team in store will help you navigate the oyster options available if you’d like to go with that option - you can have natural or hot pacific or sydney, and did we mention you get to pick a delicious sauce too?!



Tony and Nick Anassis created Richmond Oysters from a small retail outlet on Church St. One brother shucked and filleted fresh seafood for the locals while the other established relationships with local pubs and restaurants around Melbourne.

They still operate from this original location today, although the establishment has evolved to include a world class dining experience, retail and wholesale seafood operation, as well as takeaway fish and chips!

Game: Two Truths and a Lie

One person makes three statements, two true and one false, and the other person have to guess the false one. This is especially challenging if you know each other well!

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