What better start than an iconic rooftop!

To begin your adventure make your way to Mt View Hotel which can be found at the top end of Bridge Road. Mt View is iconic in Richmond - namely for their rooftop bar which has breathtaking views across the city skyline.

When you arrive, let them know your names and that you are on an AmazingCo Food Walk and have a prepaid booking. Ask the friendly staff - they will take you up to the rooftop where you can kick off your day with drinks and nibbles with a view!

Menu Trivia!

Grab a copy of the cocktail menu to solve the answers below.
The missing letters will reveal the name of your next destination.

What type of gin is used in the Passionfruit Gin Fizz?

?  _ _  _ _ _  _ _ _

Which Mad Men character would be proud of one of the featured cocktail concoctions?

_  ? _    _ _ _ _  _ _

On which day do the Redskins drink pink?

?  _ _  _ ? _  _ _ _

Gin Zeppelin contains which fruit?

_  _ _  _ _ _  _ ? _ _

The New Zealand cocktail on the menu pokes fun at our kiwi friends over the ditch. What type of animal is a kiwi?

?  ? ?  ?


Bridge Road is classified as a heritage area as it’s history dates back to 1837 - just two years after the European settlement of the colony of Victoria! You’ll find historical plaques on many Bridge Road buildings and signs along the road which give you a glimpse into the rich history of the street.

Before you move on - a couple of shops up you will find Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder. Their cheese selection is absolutely incredible and we highly recommend going in (now or another day!) to try it for yourself.

Game: Fortunately, Unfortunately...


This is a storytelling game that where one person starts a story and you alternate between inventing good and bad luck situations. It works really well if you’ve recently experienced something frustrating and can create a funny story about what could have actually happened!

1. The first person comes up with the premise. “Once there were two identical twins who could always hear each other’s thoughts.”

2. Person two adds with a turn-for-the-worse plot twist. “Unfortunately, one day, one of them got Frank Walker’s National Tiles radio ad stuck in his head.”

3. Person three takes the story on a turn for the better. “Fortunately, …” (we can’t actually think of any positives for this scenario but you might be more creative!)


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