A sweet stop to finish!

Make your way west along Swan Street and you’ll find Melbourne institution The Meatball & Wine Bar

With high quality ingredients and fine Italian wine, The Meatball & Wine Bar is known for presenting amazing produce presented in an uncomplicated way.  

Upon arrival, let the friendly staff know your name and that you are on an AmazingCo Mystery Food Walk. Your special sweet ending awaits!

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The Meatball story can be traced to the early 1900's when a boy named Gemmo Begain working with is father on cattle properties on the Northern Tip of Italy and since then it has become a great place to relax, eat and enjoy all things yummy!

Game: Degrees Of Separation

One person picks two things that are unrelated.

The other person has to provide a chain of plausible associations to connect them.

For example, if you say "lion and slippers," I might say, "A lion hunts warthogs. Warthogs are pigs. Pigs in a blanket is a breakfast entree. A blanket goes on a bed. When I get out of bed, I put on my slippers."

Maybe (definitely) you can come up with a better one than this.

This Concludes The Formal Part Of Your Bar Food Trail Experience.

We hope it has been fun! If you want to stay in the area, we’ve included some suggestions for things to see and do on the next page.


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