Next it is time to tempt your tastebuds with Thai food!

Head north on Russell St and turn left into chinatown
We’re on an adventure to find you some of the best Thai around!

Turn right to cut through Heffernan Lane and note the quirky signs
You’ll pass Union Electric bar - come back when you have the time!

When you come out on Lonsdale St, @t-ease is on your right
Modern authentic street food - go in and grab a bite!


What To Expect

@t-ease specialises in authentic Thai street food - Ta-Rad Toe-Rung as it is traditionally known! Here you will be treated to a delicious entree, and any noodle dish of your choice to share!

We can’t go past the Drunken Noodles if you’re a chilli fan - otherwise the Wonton Pad Thai is a fun twist on a well known classic.


Chopsticks are not used to eat most Thai dishes! Chopsticks are use only to eat noodles, never rice. When eating rice the Thai people typically use a fork and spoon - using the fork to push food onto the spoon. Knives aren’t usually on the table either! Food comes already cut into small bite sized pieces.

Ready To Move On?



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