Did somebody say ‘Sombrero’?

How did you go with the code? Each number corresponds with the digits on your phone calling pad. EG 8 = T, U, or V!

We’ve put our advice below for the best way to get there.


Walk on out to Hardware Lane and head north towards Lonsdale Street

Make a right on Lonsdale Street and make your way past Swanston Street

A couple of doors to your right you will find our second location, Touche Hombre.

The next cuisine is Mexican (and this place is the best!).

Colourful and funky - you’ll love the fun decor. And if we’ve done our job well - you’ll come back again for more!

Touche Hombre is a Melbourne Institution!

Famous for its flavoursome Mexican cuisine we know you will have a great time here.


You’ll enjoy 2 tacos of your choice and some delicious cauliflower queso to share!

Drooling yet? ;)

If you’re looking for something to drink we’d recommend to try their Margarita, or one of their various Tequila Flights! You are experiencing the best of Melbournian Mexico after all :)

Game: Two Truths and a Lie

One person makes three statements, two true and one false, and the other person have to guess the false one. This is especially challenging if you know each other well!

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