5 Cuisines
Mystery Food Walk

Today you will be visiting 5 locations. At each of the locations we will let you know what has been organised for you on the clue shown through the following pages.

There should be plenty of food to keep your belly full - but if you would like to order anything extra along the way including drinks and side dishes, please feel free to do so!

Along the way we’ll include some fun games and conversation starters to use throughout the experience whenever you get a chance to sit down! You’ll be prompted at the bottom of each page to click through to the next location!

We estimate you’ll spend about half an hour at each restaurant, but use this as a guide not an exact rule!

Remember :)

Your culinary adventure is meant to be fun and enjoyable, so feel free to explore other areas of interest along the way. And don’t forget to take plenty of pictures!


Don't Miss Out!

Please check your SMS to see the booking times of your mystery food adventure venues, to ensure you don't miss out!

Games While You’re
Waiting for Your Meal

We want every part of your day to be amazing so if you are the kind of person who gets bored while waiting (or just loves games!) we’ve included a few games throughout for you to play!

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