Finale on Fire!

Step out onto Flinders Street - just a short walk East
We’re looking for a Greek delight to end this epic feast!

The best dessert you’ll ever find - turn left on Exhibition
Forget about the calories - indulgence is our mission!

As you turn the corner - you’ll see the neon sign
Cross the street and head on in - the dessert will blow your mind!


Gazi is a contemporary Greek restaurant offering street food with a modern twist! You’ll be sharing their impressive Bombe Metaxa V2 -  Tsoureki, vanilla and dark chocolate ice-cream, salted caramel centre covered in an indulgent Italian meringue!

Gazi is one of the very popular Greek Restaurants that make up the MAdE establishment - a hospitality group led by Masterchef Judge George Calombaris. It sits alongside other delicious spots - The Press Club, Hellenic Republic, Jimmy Grants and Yo-Chi.

If you’re into Greek food there is no better place to be!


Tsoureki is a traditional Greek Easter sweet bread eaten. The name varies depending on the region it is produced and is also commonly known as Pascha bread, Labropsomo or Labrokoulou

This concludes the formal part of your 5 Cuisines experience.

We hope it has been fun! If you want to stay in the area, we’ve included some suggestions for things to see and do on the next page.



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