More to see and do.

Looking for fun?

Just around the corner you will find Nitro Lab offering a delicious range of liquid nitrogen gelato! Upstairs from Nitro is Heroes - a rooftop bar and karaoke club! You might also enjoy B. Lucky & Sons - from the creators of Holey Moley - located on Level 3, Melbourne Central. It’s a mash-up of pawnshop, cocktails, and arcade games! FM Karaoke Bar is also great - offering free karaoke rooms from 6pm, or private rooms for hire.

Laneway bars more your thing?

Eau De Vie is down Malthouse Lane - if the street light above the door is on, they’re open for fabulous cocktails! Trinket is another classic - located on 87 Flinders Lane - walk through a wardrobe to discover the hidden bar within the bar! Beneath Diver Lane, 3 Driver Lane - is an elegantly designed hidden CBD gem behind H&M. Or maybe try Whitehart down Whitehart Lane - an urban oasis laneway shipping container bar meets rooftop.

On a hunt for iconic street art?

Head back up to Drewery Lane which is is unlike any of the other laneways in Melbourne. It’s home to ‘The Mosaic Man,’ (Sankar Nadeson) who has been teaching members of the Legacy family to create mosaic tiles along the theme of legacy, and is showcasing them on Drewery Lane. While there, you can’t miss the iconic Kimmy K mural down Sniders Lane. If you return here after 4pm - check out Sister Bella, a bar that’s chilled with a quirky vibe.

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