Left to right: Nick Brozovic, Silvia Hope, Jeremy Cox

Left to right: Nick Brozovic, Silvia Hope, Jeremy Cox

July 2017

Melbourne based events marketplace company AmazingCo raises $835,000 to take their experience planning and delivery platform global.

Having bootstrapped their way to be Australia’s leading kids entertainment provider, AmazingCo has global leadership ambition for all of life’s most important events, promising a total reimagination of the events planning, booking and delivery paradigm. Their latest market launches include tours and corporate team building, each seeing early success and building upon the already impressive portfolio.

Lead by Macdoch Ventures, and supported by a host of other leading Australian technology investors, the raise will accelerate their already proven marketplace traction through intelligent technology development and market expansion.  

“People work hard. The time they have with loved ones, colleagues, friends and family is really important to get right”, says AmazingCo founder Silvia Hope. “At AmazingCo, we’ve delivered 10,000’s of events so we really know what works. Now we get to scale it globally.”

The funding round will allow AmazingCo to do just that, taking them from delivering 1000s of events per year in Australia and New Zealand, to 100,000s of events across a number of new verticals and geographies. Already controlling the end to end experience, the investment will enable greater technology transformation across the business including crowdsourced advice, collaboration tools and an open marketplace for a more consistent and richer customer experience.

And the customer truly does remain at the centre of this company. AmazingCo has been built from the ground up to be a customer centric, advice driven business perfectly positioned to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

“A person’s life truly is the sum of their experiences, so the quality of those experiences affects the quality of their life. If people don’t get these celebrations right they are super disappointed” highlights, Silvia. “Our customers entrust us to deliver a 10/10 experience, it’s so important we get it right and it’s what makes us customer obsessed!”.

The investment round was led by Macdoch Ventures, a Sydney based VC with cornerstone backing from Alasdair MacLeod and Prue Murdoch.

"We are so delighted to be backing AmazingCo", says Mike Robinson from Macdoch. "To find a team that has bootstrapped to this level and now working on a huge mission is exactly the kind of company we get excited about. The team have blown us away with their big thinking and ability to rapidly execute and iterate against the plan."

About AmazingCo

Plan Beautifully. Delivered Perfectly.

What makes us so unique in the market today is also what affords us the ability to deliver better than the rest. We intentionally chose not to focus on only part of the journey, instead by owning the end to end ecosystem, we stay in control with beautiful planning and perfect service delivery unlike anything we’ve personally seen around the world. Here is what makes AmazingCo unique:

  1. We control the end experience - the actual service delivery that happens on the day. As a customer centric company, this is so important to us. We do this by building the marketplace, recruiting the end providers and giving them our playbooks on how to deliver 10/10 experiences. We iterate on the product constantly and respond to feedback daily. The result? Customer satisfaction leading to an NPS of +80 - this we’re super proud of!

  2. We make the planning and booking process awesome by surfacing great advice and recommendations on how to nail the whole event, not just one activity within the event. This means people don’t have ‘swiss cheese effect’ where some parts of the event are great but other parts could be better. People are not experts in event execution, but with us they are instantly armed with all the right advice and information they need.

  3. This is all delivered through intelligent software and a wonderful concierge team backed by a data engine that collates user feedback live, creates tailored event recommendations and allows for seriously cool event customisation.  

This works across all types of events, celebrations and travel experiences, be that for individuals or companies. It is wonderful.