Earn and redeem points with Go Club.

With multiple ways to earn points on, top of spending on amazing experiences, the Go Club is not your regular points program.

See all ways you can earn, claim and redeem points below.

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All ways to earn points

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Earn points for every $ you spend with AmazingCo

Every time you purchase an AmazingCo experience you'll earn points for every dollar you spend. The number of points you earn per dollar depends on your Go Club membership level. For more information about our membership levels, click here.

Points will be awarded automatically 1 - 2 weeks after you have had your experience.

$1 = 1 point

$1 = 2 points

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Bonus after your 4th AmazingCo experience!

400 points

When you purchase and have 4 AmazingCo experiences in a year, there's an extra bonus waiting for you.

Yes that’s right! The Go Club really is all about rewarding you for creating memories with the people who matter to you.

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Leave a review online

Had an amazing time on your AmazingCo experience? Spread the word and be rewarded!

Write a public review on AmazingCo's Facebook Page or Google Listing, and include a comment about how your experience went for 400 amazing bonus points.

400 points

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Refer a friend

As a Go Club member you have your very own referral code (your First Name + AmazingCo Customer ID) to share with friends and family.

All your friend has to do is to contact our concierge team to book their experience and mention your referral code. They will get $25 off their first experience, and you'll get 500 bonus points!

500 points


Complete your AmazingCo profile

Tell us more about you and what you like!

Not only will this make sure we will be able to show you more about what you like, you'll also get 200 fresh bonus points to use towards your next experience.

Contact us on to get your unique profile link!

200 points

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Be social with us

We love being social. So if you love it too, we will reward you for it!

Simply like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram, and then let us know and you’ll see your bonus points start rolling in.

30 points


Earning your first $50

How Jane, Brian & Alice did it

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Jane earns 2,625 points, giving her $131.25 to spend

Jane organised an Amazing Hens Race for her best friend’s Hens Party.15 girls attended the day, and the total cost was $825 which earned Jane 825 points.

A month later she took her partner on a Mystery Picnic Date to Dandenong Ranges, and their puppy Snuggles came along too of course! She also upgraded her Go Club membership to become a Do’er, which gave her 1000 bonus points on sign-up. She also earned double points on her Mystery Picnic Date, awarding her 240 points.

The month after Jane booked Elsa from Frozen as entertainment for her daughter’s birthday party, which gave her another 560 points as she is a Do’er.

Jane now has $131.25 to spend on any AmazingCo experience, or gift card!


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Alice earns 1,330 points, giving her $66.50 to spend

Alice hired a Mad Scientist as entertainment at her daughter’s birthday party. She also gave her unique Go Club referral code to some of the other parents, and one of them booked a party of their own with AmazingCo the following week.

Alice earned 330 points for spend, as well as 500 bonus points for referring the other parent, landing on a total of 830 points.

Alice and her husband had a barbecue party in their backyard a couple of weeks later. They booked a Gigantic Garden Games kit for some extra entertainment on the day, which earned Alice another 150 points.

A month later she booked a Mystery Weekend away which earned her another 350 points.

Alice has now collected 1330 points, giving her $66.50 to spend!


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Brian earns 2,625 points, giving him $131.25 to spend

Brian organised a Brewery Tour in Yarra Valley to celebrate his 30th birthday. 14 of the boys came along, so the total landed at $2010, awarding Brian with 2010 points. He really enjoyed the day, so he went online and wrote a public review of AmazingCo, which earned him 400 bonus points.

A couple of weeks later he had some mates over for a chill evening, so he booked a Backyard Movie Night Kit and with a Fire Pit. This awarded him 215 additional points.

Brian has now collected 2,625 points, equating in $131.25!

He decides to use his points towards a Family Mystery Picnic with his wife and their 3 year old son, so he only has to pay about $30 out of pocket!



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