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Go Club - more than a points program.

The AmazingCo Go Club is a member program designed to reward you for the experiences you have. But it’s not just about earning points! Our members also enjoy exclusive experiences, offers and access. But the thing they tell us they love most? Being part of the AmazingCo Foundation, and knowing their experiences are helping others in their communities too.

Are you ready to unlock a whole new level of amazing? It’s free to join and access the Starter benefits, or become a Do’er (that’s our name for your premium membership access) - it’s just $99 for 12 months and you get a bonus 1,000 points on sign up.

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What makes the ‘Go Club’ so amazing? 🚀


Be rewarded for having amazing experiences.


Unlock member only experiences, events, offers and more.


Give back through
the AmazingCo Foundation.


Connect and share with the AmazingCo Go Club House.

Two Ways to Join.

It’s FREE to join! Or unlock exclusive experiences, community access and greater rewards for every dollar you spent with a Do’er Membership.


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Starter Membership

Free to Join

  • Earn 1 Point for every A$1 spent
  • We give 1 Point to the AmazingCo Foundation for every $1 you spend
  • Get access to Go Club House
  • Bonus 1,000 Points on sign up
  • Voting power in the AmazingCo Foundation
  • Invites to 'Member Only' experiences

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Do'er Membership

$99 for 12 months

  • Earn 2 Points for every A$1 spent
  • Bonus 1,000 Points on sign up
  • We give 2 Points to the AmazingCo Foundation for every $1 you spend
  • Voting power in the AmazingCo Foundation
  • Get access to the Go Club House
  • Invites to 'Member Only' experiences

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Many reasons to join.

What you get by being part of the AmazingCo Go Club.

Earn on spend.png

Earn points on every dollar you spend

Earn points for every dollar you spend on AmazingCo experiences. Supercharge your points with a Do’er Membership and get double the points!

Earn on Engagement.png

Share and connect to earn more points

Spending time and dollars on experiences isn’t the only way to earn points. So you can quickly work up a solid starting pot, just by being amazing!


1,000 bonus points when you sign up

Do’ers get 1,000 bonus points right from the start, and they can be used immediately!

Burn on experience.png

Use your points to get free experiences

Your points can be used towards any AmazingCo experiences. Use them as part or full payment for your next experience.


Points to AmazingCo Foundation

For every dollar you spend on AmazingCo experiences, we’ll contribute points to the AmazingCo Foundation.


Get access to the
Go Club House

Access the Go Club House. Unlock peer approved experiences, get inspiration, tips and advice from the community.


Vote and influence how we help

Do’ers get to influence which causes the AmazingCo Foundation gets behind! The more points you have, the more votes you get.

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Access ‘Member Only’ experiences

Do’ers get access to a whole other level of AmazingCo with member exclusive experiences, pop-up events and much more.

Do'er Member Benefits.

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You’ll start earning points from your very first experience!



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AmazingCo Go Club.
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