About Challenge Parties

Compete, laugh and have fun together with your friends, with our Amazing Challenge Party! This party is sure to have everyone join in, and have a blast.

You'll divide your friends into teams, and compete against each other in a series of challenges, inspired by the TV Show 'A Minute To Win It'. See how many ping pong balls you can bounce into a bucket, build a pyramid with cups the fastest, sort out M&M colours - and much more!

Make your next party truly memorable and Amazing!

How It Works

  • You pick the time and place for your amazing party

  • Your group will be split into 4 teams, and compete for prizes and above all - a winner's certificate!

  • We send a charismatic and engaging host, with everything needed to run the games and challenges

  • You come and pick up the game equipment and run it yourself! (With our tips and tricks on how to make it a success of course!)


Hosted party or DYI kit?

Hosted Challenge Party

Challenge stacking games.jpg

Challenge Party - Hosted

from $350

  • We send out one of our amazing hosts out to your favourite Melbourne beach

  • Invite up to 20 friends with 1 host, or up to 50 with 2 hosts

  • We'll bring equipment for the beach games, and all the prizes for the winners

  • Available any day of the week

DIY Challenge Party Kit

Challenge party DIY.jpg

Challenge Party - DIY Kit

$150 for the whole weekend

  • Our Challenge Party Kit includes everything you need to run an amazing party

  • You'll get all equipment needed for a number of fun games and challenges, prizes for the winners, and instructions, tips and tricks on how to make the party successful

  • Pick up and Drop off yourself, or get the kit delivered and collected!