About Beach Games Parties

Who doesn’t like a bit of competition? Doing challenges together, playing games and competing are great ways to spend quality time and build stronger connections with your friends.

Our Beach Games Parties offer exactly that - and more! They are jam packed with challenges, games, races and prizes. 

You have the option to just rent the equipment and run the party and the games yourself, or to get one of our amazing hosts to come and do it for you.

How It Works

  • You pick the time and the beach for your party
  • We send out our fun, charismatic and engaging host, together with everything needed to run the games and challenges

  • You come and pick up the game equipment and run it yourself! (With our tips and tricks on how to make it a success of course!)

Hosted party or DYI kit?

Hosted Beach Games Party

Product - Fun and Beach - Hosted.png

Beach Games Party - Hosted

$350 for a 2 hour party

  • We send out one of our amazing hosts out to your favourite Melbourne beach
  • Invite up to 30 friends to come along and join in the challenges
  • We'll bring all equipment for the beach games, and all the prizes for the winners
  • Available any day of the week 

DIY Beach Games Party Kit

Product - Fund and Beach - DIY.png

Beach Games Party - DIY Kit

$150 for the weekend

  • Our Beach Games Party Kit includes everything you need to run an amazing beach party
  • You'll get all equipment needed for a number of fun games and challenges, prizes for the winners, and instructions, tips and tricks on how to make the party successful 
  • Pick up Friday and return Monday!